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Why Foodies Love Living in Nashville

If you are a foodie and living in Nashville or thinking about a move to the Nashville area, there are several great reasons you will love living there. While Nashville is mainly known for its music scene, and is considered the hometown of country music with deep roots in in R&B and bluegrass, it also has a thriving foodie scene.

If you love food and trying the foods that a city is known for, Nashville has a lot to offer you. Here are some of the foods that Nashville is known for and why people love living in Nashville to experience these foods:

Nashville Hot Chicken

Nashville hot chicken is a huge and tasty trend in food right now, and the best place to get it, by far, is the city where it was created. Foodies love Nashville because they have constant access to the best hot chicken in the country.

If you are visiting Nashville, be sure to visit the original creators of hot chicken at Prince’s Hot Chicken, where they are generous with the cayenne pepper. You may just find that hot chicken straight from Nashville is so good that you begin looking at Nashville houses for rent to make you move to the city. You can also choose your heat level, so if you prefer your hot chicken more on the mild side, you can make that selection.

Meat and Three

While many Southern cities have restaurants known for their “Meat and Three” options, Nashville is really one of the top cities for this particular option. A “Meat and Three” meal consists of diners choosing a meat option (usually from a variety of BBQ options), as well as three sides ranging from macaroni and cheese to fried green tomatoes to collard greens and more.

If you are a foodie living in Nashville, you probably love the options that a Meat and Three meal gives you, as well as the amazing quality of the Southern food options available. If you are visiting, don’t leave without getting a Mean and Three in Nashville.


Some foodies really love to focus on dessert and have an unquenchable sweet tooth. Luckily, Nashville is known for two desserts in particular that will satisfy any foodie. One broad dessert that Nashville is known for is chocolate.

Goo Goo Clusters were invented in Nashville, and there are currently several artisan chocolatiers working in Nashville to create delicious and unique chocolate experiences for residents and visitors. You can head to Olive & Sinclair for a tour and chocolate tasting to find your favorite Nashville chocolate.

Nashville foodies also know their local bakeries for a variety of delicious donuts. You can head to Fox’s Donut Den for classic donuts, or to Five Daughters Bakery to try a unique layered donut. You can also wash your dessert down with some of Nashville’s amazing coffee, available at one of the many coffee shops in the area.

If you are a foodie living in Nashville, there are many things to love, like hot chicken, Meat and Three, and dessert. If you are a foodie and not living in Nashville, get there for a visit soon.

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