Andrea Rene

Andrea Rene – Video Game Lover, Entertainment Geek

Andrea Rene video game lover entertainment geek is a well-known face in the video game and entertainment industry. She’s been a part of What’s Good Games, Kinda Funny Games, and GameStop TV. Andrea is passionate about video games and loves sharing her knowledge and insights on the latest gaming trends.

Who is Andrea Rene?

Andrea Rene is a video game lover and entertainment geek who has been involved in the gaming industry for over 10 years. She currently works as a host and producer for What's Good Games, a gaming and pop culture podcast. In addition to her work in games media, Andrea is also a voice actress and has appeared in several video games.

What are some of her favorite video games?

Andrea Rene is a self-proclaimed video game lover and entertainment geek. When she’s not working, you can find her gaming or watching TV. So, what are some of her favorite video games?

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Well, Andrea is a big fan of first-person shooters and enjoys playing games like Halo and Call of Duty. She also loves open-world games like Grand Theft Auto and Skyrim. For more casual gaming, she enjoys puzzles and mobile games like Candy Crush and Monument Valley.

No matter what she’s playing, Andrea always has a blast when she’s gaming. That’s why she loves it so much!

What is her favorite geeky entertainment?

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Andrea Rene is a video game lover and entertainment geek. She enjoys playing video games, watching movies, and reading comic books. Her favorite geeky entertainment is anything that is fun and engaging. She loves finding new and exciting ways to enjoy her hobbies. Whether it’s playing the latest video game or watching a classic movie, she always has a blast doing what she loves.

How did she get into the entertainment industry?

Andrea Rene has always loved video games and entertainment. She got her start in the industry by working as a journalist and content creator. She has since gone on to work as a host and producer for various shows and events.

What are some of her upcoming projects?

Andrea Rene is a video game lover and entertainment geek who has some upcoming projects in the works. One project is a web series called “Game Changers” which is set to launch in March. The show will follow Rene and a group of female gamers as they travel the world to compete in tournaments and other gaming events. Another project Rene has in the works is a book about the history of video games and their impact on pop culture. She is also working on a documentary about the rise of competitive gaming.


Andrea Rene is a video game lover and entertainment geek who has made a career out of her passion. From hosting shows and podcasts to writing articles, she covers everything in the gaming world. Her love for gaming started at a young age, and she’s been hooked ever since. If you’re looking for someone who knows all there is to know about video games, Andrea Rene is your go-to gal.

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